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If you are like me; being out in nature is the best place to be. As photographers we are always looking for new scenes and interesting ways to photograph them. Come join me on a weekend away. We will be spending two evenings in the idyllic Kaapsche Hoop in the mountains close to Nelspruit. Kaapsche Hoop is know for its beautiful vistas and rock formations, sometimes described as moon-like. Wild horses run free and can make stunning photographs as they disappear into the mist. The stars at night are also something to behold, ideal for star trails.

We will be staying at a tried and tested guesthouse in the heart of Kaapsche Hoop. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn more about photography in a natural setting, you will also get away for a weekend in a place not rivalled by many when it comes to silence and serenity.

The focus for the weekend will be on landscape photography and how to look for the best scenes in nature. I will share with you some of my secrets in a fun adventurous atmosphere.

Note: This course is intended for people who already have a basic knowledge of cameras and photography but who would like to extend their knowledge of landscape and travel photography.

Some things that we will cover:
Scouting for a scene
Types of light
Long Exposure Photography
Manipulating light
Painting with light as a way to light a subject
Long exposures
Managing gear in difficult situation, keeping gear safe and dry
Thinking creatively

You will need:
A DSLR camera, make does not matter.
A Tripod, any make or model as long as it will hold your camera still.
It will be a self catering weekend. There will be a fire every evening, so bring meat and whatever else you like. There are also some great local restaurants that we will certainly pay a visit to.
A hat, sunscreen, swimming cloths and good walking shoes, we won’t let an opportunity to play go by.
Please bring a torch for photography in the evenings.
Poncho or raincoat, bad weather is often the best time to photograph nature.
Willingness to get up before the sun does; chasing photos often means giving up some sleep.

19-21 April 2013
We will meet at Potties Accommodation on Friday afternoon. The activities will start as soon as everyone has arrived. We will depart on Sunday afternoon after lunch.


There are only 5 spots open, so if you are interested contact me at:
Cell: 083 255 2690

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