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Trekking for Trash
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Opportunity, it mostly presents itself out of the blue and the day I contacted the Trekking for Trash team was no exception. Michael Baretta and Camilla Howard are two normal people that decided to do something extraordinary. They set out to walk the entire coastline of our country from Alexander Bay to Kosi Bay and collect trash along the way. They walk with a bin-backpack, cleaning the beaches of our beautiful coastline. It is a noble thing to do and a very tough task, but they are not doing it alone! They have a bunch of sponsors trying to help them make a success of their effort. I recently had the opportunity to assist the Trekking for Trash team as their back-up on the first month of their journey.

I dropped them off and picked them up at the beginning and end of everyday’s walk. After having no prior experience in 4×4 driving I think I can safely say that after 500km of rough roads, sand dunes and sticky situations I now know something about driving a 4×4. I am very grateful for the photographic opportunities I was once again confronted with on the west coast. I spent hours alone on remote parts of the coast seeking out compositions that had eluded me on my journey along the coast. We also met wonderful people along the way, every one of them opening my eyes again to the beauty of our countries most valuable asset, it’s people. I may never see them again, yet many of the conversations I had played a role in renewing my thinking. I hope to see and spend more time in the future with the Trekking for Trash team as they carry out their mission along our coastline.

To Michael and Camilla, thank you for the great time we spent together, I will always treasure those moments. May God be with you, and may this journey stretch further than the steps you take.

To follow them on the rest of their journey go to:

One Response to Trekking for Trash

  1. Denis says:

    Nice work Bru! You are so right about Southern Africa, it’s just the best place in the world. I’ve been all over but there is no place like the tip of Africa we call home.

    Keep up the excellent work!


    Denis Ananiadis

    Durban KZN South Africa

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