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Hermanus Wedding

Melissa and Roger are two very different people in almost every sense of the word. Roger is a serious, quiet guy with few but well thought through words. Melissa on the other hand is a joyful, chatty person that always has a smile or a tear to share. It is not until they are together […]

Photographer of the Year

As with anyone in any profession, I have dreams, some of which include having my photographs grace the pages of a National Geographic Magazine and having a solo exhibition that sells out. Among my dreams are one that has driven me for a long time. Winning big in a wildlife photography competition like the Sunday […]

Clarens Wedding

As 2013 breaths it’s last breath and we role over to a new year. Welcome 2014, and welcome new season. We started the year with the beautiful wedding of Mia and Corne. They chose the mountainous region of Clarens in the Free State as the backdrop for their big day.  The Gourmet Shed hosted the wedding […]

Mud, Sweat and Flamingos

If I were to make a list of things that are not so “lekker” about being a professional photographer, about ten things would come to mind. If I then were to make a second list of things that were lekker” about being a professional photographer, there would be many things that I could mention. One of the […]


For some reason almost every wedding I have ever photographed has had looming clouds, but rain has never been a problem, and Zelmari and Johan’s wedding was no exception. Memoire was the classical venue that they chose, made more perfect by the soft light cast from the clouds. The day, unlike most weddings, was very […]

Trekking for Trash

Opportunity, it mostly presents itself out of the blue and the day I contacted the Trekking for Trash team was no exception. Michael Baretta and Camilla Howard are two normal people that decided to do something extraordinary. They set out to walk the entire coastline of our country from Alexander Bay to Kosi Bay and […]

Matric Farewell Photography

This time of the year is normally marked by year end functions and get-togethers. Perhaps the most popular of these being the matric farewell dances that happen during the last quarter of the academic year. This year, like almost every other year, I was asked to photograph some couples in their matric farewell outfits. The […]

Golden Gate Hike

Golden Gate is a one of South Africa’s jewels, known for its golden cliffs that hug the winding mountain passes. We where privileged enough to spend the long weekend at Van Renins Campsite in Golden Gate National Park with some friends. It started out as an extremely wet and windy experience, ripping our fellow camper’s […]

Snow in Joburg

It would be another unassuming day spent in Joburg scouting for photos in town. I went with a friend of mine, Luke Tannous. It started out as a normal chilly winters morning with exceptionally dark cloud cover. As we where on our way to the car after taking photos in a park it started snowing. […]

Engagement on the farm.

I enjoy engagement shoots, they  are always fun and light hearted and give me a chance to bond with the couple and for them to get to know me better. So when Zelmari and Johan said that they wanted to do their engagement shoot on a their family’s game farm I was very excited! We […]

Starting Stock Photography
Starting Stock Photography

Starting Stock Photography At first stock photography looks very appealing to amateurs and pros alike, but how easy is it to really make money from stock? And even more importantly, should YOU be doing it? When I first heard about stock photography it looked like a great way to sell my work. I thought that […]

Sheraaz Band Shoot

Sheraaz is a instrumental band consisting of five members that recently started stirring up the music world with their fresh sounds. When they asked me to be their photographer, you can imagine my excitement and the challenge of trying to capture all their unique personalities. We spent one afternoon in our new photographic studio in […]

Outdoor Photography Camp

As a photographer I have often asked myself “why do I take photos?”.  What is it that keeps me up so late at night and gets me up so early in the morning? Is it the desire to mystify my viewers, sweeping them along a winding road that leads to places they have yet to […]

139 Downhill Nationals

I attended the downhill nationals held at the Pretoria track, 139. I saw an amazing display of guts and skill during the two day event, and what a pleasure it was to photograph. Well done to all the riders for competing and I wish Hayden, Dustin and Des a quick recovery. If you want to buy […]

Pix Magazine Article

Hi everyone, It has been a while since my last blog-post, but hopefully this will make up for it! My photographs have appeared in numerous publications before, but this is the first time I wrote and photographed an entire article for a magazine. Pix Magazine is well known as South Africa’s leading photographic magazine and […]

Wedding at The Bridge

Those who know Mia and Cobus will know that they are super-friendly people. Every time I see Mia, she greets me as if she has not seen me in years. Cobus is the type of guy that needs no getting used to, you meet him, and a minute later he is like a friend you’ve […]

A loving couple on a beautiful day

I met both Cobus and Mia before they even started dating and as individuals they were enthusiastic, energetic and very loving people, and now that they have found each other these things are even more true of them. Their wedding is later in March and what a joyful occasion it is going to be! I […]

Photography Camp April 2012

After the great success of our last Photography Camp, I have decided that we can’t wait too long to do it again. On Friday the 20 April, to Sunday 22 April 2012, I will be hosting another photography camp at Sleepy River and I have five places available. The main focus of the Photography Camp […]

Nature’s classroom

I took three amateur photographers out on a camp last weekend to open there eyes and minds to the possibilities photography can present to them. One of my students, Roelien Steenkamp, is a travel writer and enjoys finding the story and bringing it home. You will probably read more about her name in the future, […]

Night Wedding

When I first met Branwen and Christoff at Lombardy Boutique Hotel I could see their unique fingerprint on everything they planned for their wedding. With a red dress, lantern lit aisle and vintage decor I knew that their wedding would be a special one. Even more significant though was the fact that this would be […]

Downhill Helderkruin

On Saturday I spent my day at Helderkruin’s Downhill Track. It has been a while since I shot any sport, and I was keen to get back in the game. The guys as usual gave it there all. What better motivation do you need to get good shots? It was a blistering day, forgetting my […]

Barefoot Wedding

I met Otto Du Plessis on the beach at Elands Bay in November 2010. He was busy suiting up to go crayfish diving and can be described as a big man with a soft heart. He loves surfing, running and walking barefoot and also happens to love Border Collies …in fact love might be a […]

Photography Camp with Erlo Brown

A photo course has long been anticipated for those of you who want to know more about photography but don’t want to study it from a book. Now is your chance to learn more about your camera and photography in general in a fun exciting environment. I will be hosting a photography camp for those […]

Finding focus

You grow up the day you have your first real laugh – at yourself. Ethel Barrymore In December last year I was fortunate enough to get an intervalometer. It is a device that allows you to take photos in intervals to create what is called time-lapse photography. It is typically done to show progression in […]